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The Southern California Reproductive Center is proud to welcome patients throughout Los Angeles to its state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills. Our fertility clinic is home to IVF experts with decades of experience and modern technology complete with onsite ART laboratory and surgery center offering quality, convenience and comfort during your reproductive journey.

We are located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County nestled on the corner of Roxbury Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, just three blocks from the famous Rodeo Drive, a home to luxury, fashion and lifestyle.

What can you expect when you visit our Beverly Hills location?

  • Help from top fertility experts with extensive experience helping couples achieve pregnancy.
  • Expertise in a wide range of services to facilitate the ease, health and safety of your pregnancy.
  • An inclusive environment for all individuals and families who want children, including LGBT families and community.

What Types of Infertility Can We Treat?

Our Los Angeles office provides consultation and long-term treatment for issues including blocked fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome, diminished ovarian function, other ovarian issues and various forms of male infertility. No matter what type of infertility you are struggling with, a consultation with the Southern California Reproductive Center may help you.

What Other Services Do We Provide?

Here in Beverly Hills, we offer a range of services including in vitro fertilization and freezing of eggs and sperm for future use. We can also freeze embryos and provide you with a number of non-surgical treatment options for infertility. We are constantly expanding our service offerings to meet the changing needs of our patients and communities in L.A. and throughout California.

Our medical staff is headed by Dr. Mark W. Surrey, M.D., who has been recognized by for the past five consecutive years. With more than two decades of medical experience, Dr. Surrey is a renowned infertility researcher who has been published in multiple academic journals and featured on CNN, Fox, CBS and more.

We cater to patients throughout Los Angeles.