ARC Financing

Reproductive Technology and IVF Financing

While the rewards of parenthood and creating a family are priceless, the financial commitment can be very challenging. To help you achieve your goal, we have a variety of IVF (in vitro fertilization) financing at SCRC that will allow you to carefully decide and plan your financial obligation as you embark on the path to parenthood. Remember: Many insurance companies now provide financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems. Be sure to check your policy or call your agent.

Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC)

In partnership with Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), IVF financing at SCRC includes the ARC Fertility Program as an independent financing option. The program provides a wide variety of plans that have been formulated specifically to match the projected needs of your specific course of treatment, including all aspects of medical, lab, surgical, and pharmaceutical care.

Based on the highest standards of fertility care recommended by our fertility specialists, each treatment package has been developed with a proven track record that has helped many of our patients build their families with appropriate financial control over the fertility process. For more information about the ARC Fertility Program, please call 1-888-990-2727 to speak with an ARC customer representative.

Three-cycle Plus™

The Three-cycle Plus™ plan allows the greatest level of opportunity to get pregnant with the highest financial limit to the cost of IVF treatment. This plan offers up to three fresh cycles and up to three additional IVF frozen/thaw cycles. By placing a maximum fee on the entire process, couples know up-front the cost of their IVF financing. This takes away any uncertainty and allows for peace of mind as the process moves forward. This plan also can be supplemented by The ARC Refund Guarantee Program. Additional details on this and all of the ARC fertility plans can be obtained when you contact the Southern California Reproductive Center.

Two-cycle Plus™

The Two-cycle Plus™ plan offers up to two fresh cycles and up to two additional IVF frozen/thaw cycles. Like all of our plans, by placing a maximum fee on the entire process, couples can reasonably assess their chances for a successful pregnancy with pre-determined financial limitations.

One-cycle Plus™

The One-cycle Plus™ plan offers one fresh cycle and up to one additional IVF frozen/thaw cycle. This plan is the most affordable of all our pre-packaged plans and is the best course for couples who have the best chance for pregnancy under the treatment prescribed. The package provides all of the necessary procedures and the peace of mind that comes with a very affordable financial commitment.

Flexible Care Option™

The Flexible Care Option™ is a very special IVF financing plan that combines one of the ARC payment plans with your personal health insurance. This flexible option allows you to create a personalized financial plan that uses only those ARC payment options that are not covered by your insurance.

The ARC Pharmacy Plan™

In addition to medical treatments, the cost of fertility drugs and other associated medicines can be a prohibitive factor as you make decisions about your desired treatment plan. The ARC Pharmacy Plan™ controls the high cost of medications and was developed to assist patients with finding affordable IVF financing solutions in California. This plan is offered through MDR Pharmaceutical Care, a leading pharmaceutical company. They offer express home delivery service at no additional charge and provide phone consultation with pharmacists who specialize in fertility therapies.

In addition to ARC, IVF financing at SCRC includes other financing options that can offer low fixed rates. These options have been developed specifically for patients of fertility clinics in the Los Angeles area, and they allow you to create a payment plan with manageable, affordable monthly payments.

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