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  • Our art laboratory has the highest level in modern times, using the most mature and cutting-edge technology. Lab is the core technology of a fertility center, SCRC Our lab is specially designed and built for the auxiliary medical service of fertility. The cryopreservation, thawing and fertilization of germ cells are all realized by the technical equipment of the lab and the professional operation of embryo experts. The high level of embryo laboratory also ensures that when we deal with germ cells, we will not cause any damage to cell tissue.

    The Art Laboratory of SCRC is not only used for various reproductive treatments, but also a designated laboratory for learning reproductive endocrinology and infertility in major hospitals and university medical schools.

    Gene screening is one of the reasonable and legal technologies for IVF in the United States. We can know the sex of the embryo through genetic screening. PGs (pre transplant genetic screening) uses state-of-the-art techniques to monitor embryos for specific chromosomal or genetic abnormalities. PGD can be used to exclude embryos with these genetic traits if the patient is known to be at risk of genetic disease (Tay Sachs, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis) and other monogenic genetic diseases. PGD can also screen values (aneuploidy) and structural chromosomal abnormalities. The success rate of embryo transfer after gene screening will be higher and the abortion rate will be reduced.

    Assisted childbearing is the choice of childbearing when women are unable to complete the pregnancy process by themselves due to physical reasons. In SCRC, we have very perfect cooperation with many reliable pregnancy assistance companies. We have a large amount of surrogate information, and we can strictly screen according to your requirements to help you find the surrogate and germ cell donors that are suitable for you. And California has clear laws to protect the interests of both parties to the assisted birth contract, so you don't need to worry about the legal issues of assisted birth.

    We receive many patients from China every day, especially after the opening of the second child policy, many Chinese families are trying to have a second child. SCRC is very proud to tell you that in order to facilitate Chinese patients' medical treatment, we have set up a high-level translation team to help you communicate and coordinate with doctors and nurses in both Chinese and English. When you come to SCRC for consultation or medical treatment, you don't need to worry about the language problem any more. Our Chinese coordination team will be your strong support!

    SCRC can help you to complete the relevant pre examination in China, which can save costs and shorten the time of treatment in the United States.

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